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Posted in Uncategorized on September 5, 2010 by tommaegdlin

My research has been going really well, and I think I have narrowed down the strain of yeast I will use, along with the style of fermentation. Since I am doing an altered Hefeweizen recipe with Belgian yeast, I am breaking the much-touted Reinheitsgebot. The Reinheitsgebot requires top fermentation, while the Belgian yeast ferments at the bottom.

I have also been thinking of names for the beer, which has been really fun. I have it narrowed down, but I want to perfect this specific recipe before I release the name of what has now turned into a full-fledged project. I have had some great input from some experienced brewers and I was pleasantly surprised to receive very positive feedback about my ideas as well as what I want to do with this specific beer.  I am purchasing the last of my ingredients tomorrow. I am also getting a tutorial in bottle fermentation which is a process my wheat beer will go through to increase the alcohol content to hopefully around 10%.

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Something Else

Posted in Uncategorized on August 23, 2010 by tommaegdlin


After conceding to outside world that I needed to be a 9-5er, my passion for coffee and the coffee scene went quietly into the night. I just lost my interest. That is the problem with having hobbies. Hobbies for people like me become obsessions. You want to be in that world all the time. You create a cell and you put yourself in it. You are not the captain of your ship nor the master of your soul. You are the man in the box.


After I started my new career in Financial Services, I let myself detox for a while. I wanted to just get away from my former self and let my ideas and ambitions ferment. The plan was never to have a plan. The notion of a plan itself seems mundane. At the end of the day however, you are a slave to your true self. You end up having to will yourself away from ideas and aspirations. As I said, those ambitions ferment, and you are left drunk with curiosity.


So the beer thing didn’t come to me in a eureka-type moment. It wasn’t something I always wanted to do. Until about a month ago I really only had any interest in drinking beer. I think what really made me change my tune was desire to learn another craft. I like things that are complicated. I like to change things and watch them change on their own. Beer is also relatively inexpensive. It consists of grain, water, sugar and yeast.  Not really going to break the bank with that grocery list. The beautiful thing I am learning rather quickly is that there are different schools of thought. Much like coffee, there are the dark brewers and the light brewers. There are ingredients-oriented brewers and pure production operations. It is nothing new to me. In a lot of ways it’s an easy transition out of coffee. Most of all, I am also very excited I get to keep my hipster interactions to a minimum. 


So, you can follow along if you like. I am gathering all the necessaries to do a full 5 gallon batch of hefeweizen in a few weeks. I will offer pictures and a look into the evolution of the process. I am going to be using a Belgian strain of yeast coupled with some traditional German methods. My goal is to yield something with 10% alcohol.

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